At Stones 'n More we offer a large range of landscape products and solutions. Providing a large variety of products makes it easy for you to fulfill all of your gardening and pond care needs.


Our Products Include:

Landscape Stone

Bulk Soil (**Available in bags Only)
- Screened Topsoil  

-Black Earth Topsoil**
- Triple Mix
- Peat Moss**
- Pro Mix Premium Potting Soil**

- Pro Mix Organic Potting Soil**

-Garden Soil**


-Sheep Manure**

-Cattle Manure**


Mulch (Bulk or Bagged Only **)
- Canada Red (Natural  Non-Dyed)
- Black Beauty

- Red Devil**



Decorative Stone


Pavers & Wallstone

Pond Supplies
- Preformed Ponds, Deck Ponds
- Filters and Pumps
- Aerators
- Pond Liners
- Spitters
- Fountains
- Pond Treatments

-Pond Dye (8 oz, 16 oz Blue Tint, 8 oz Black Tint)
- Non -Kink Hose
- Nets and Skimmers
- Pond Planting Bags
- Koi
- Fish Food
- True Blue ez-SoluPak
- Jet Black ez-SoluPak

We carry Aquascape & Laguna Products

- Trees
- Evergreens
- Topiary
- Shrubs
- Annuals
- Perennials

- Water Plants
- Vegetable  & Herbs

We supply and carry a wide variety of landscape products to offer you the greatest selection.

"If we don't have it we will order it"  Plan ahead and pre-order for next season. 

Your welcome to drop off your planters for the winter and we will plant them up for you and have them ready for Spring pick up!



Can't find what
you're looking for?
We can specially order it at
no extra cost! 

We offer various products to help you with your
next garden or pond project!


Armour Stone Installation
- Professionally installed retaining walls
- Landscape stone placement