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Come check out our large inventory of all your essential pond products! We carry a variety of liners, nets, fountains, plants, and much, much more!

NOW in Stock! 
True Blue & Jet Black ez SoluPak
pond dye

Planting your pond plants in flexible Planting Bags allows them to take in more water without losing soil. Large, medium, and small bags available.

Our deck and preformed ponds make it easy to add the beauty of a pond to any area of your backyard.

 Pond Spitters add charm and the relaxing sound of moving water to your pond.

We stock a wide selection of unique water features and fountains. Find the perfect one to match your style.

 For more information and the full range of Laguna Products, visit:
Laguna Pond Products

If you can't find what your looking for, we can specially order it for no extra cost!

We carry various sizes of pond pumps, filters, nets, liners, and preformed ponds. Find the perfect size for your  pond!


To keep your pond clean and healthy for your plants and fish, we supply various pond chemicals, treatments, and test kits.


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